Friday, 26 March 2010

cards continued

The crocuses in Lister Park (on the way into Bradford from here) have been absolutely glorious this week but now, sadly, are just about past their best. The ones in my garden are definitely over now (I took this photo a week or so ago). There is something so cheery about their flamboyant mix of colours. The great swathe that is planted along the edge of the park (the best view of which is from the slightly elevated position of the bus) are a tasteful mix of shades of purple and white with that really bright yellow thrown in to shake it all up. This vibrant mix of complementary colour that so often can occur within one flower or plant is partly what has informed the colour ways of the cards I've been finishing off this week. They've also taken inspiration from that mix of brights that you might find in the button box.

And some of them have used buttons directly, both as a means of printing and actually sewn onto the card.

Each little square, once printed, has been sewn into before being stuck onto the card and finished ready to be sold.

In my last post I described the printing I'd done for my new cards based on weave samples. This week I've taken those little printed squares and added translucent tissue paper and lines of stitch...

... and I've done four different colour ways.

Each stage of making involves a little production line. There is something quite satisfying about this - small repetitive jobs done in sequence and done well. Perhaps this is why weaving appeals to me. Once the cards have been signed, stamped on the back...

... and put in their little (biodegradable) plastic wrappers they can be stacked neatly in a box ready for delivery.

Today I dropped off my completed card order at Salts Mill, just down the road in Saltaire, where they'll go on sale in the 1853 Gallery in amongst the lovely books and art materials, all overlooked by the world famous Hockney pictures. Earlier in the week I delivered different cards to ArtParade, which is just over the road from Salts Mill. This is a little independent photography and craft gallery that sells work by local artists and makers, as well as ones from further afield. These cards weren't new designs - the old favourite hearts seem to sell consistently there through the year (they're obviously a romantic lot in Saltaire!).

Card making listening: Ballad of the broken seas, by Isobell Campbell & Mark Lanegan; Fly yellow moon, by Fyfe Dangerfield; Songs from the labyrinth, by Sting.

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