Friday, 12 March 2010

Hello world

For quite a long time I've been pondering the world of the 'blog'. I don't spend hours pouring over other people's blogs, constantly finding links to new ones, in the way that I know some people do. Quite frankly I don't have the time! It puzzles me why anyone would want to follow whatever detail of my life that I choose to share with the on-line world. Perhaps no-one will and that will be the end of it. But I've come to realise that there are people out there who might be interested in what I do and that by sharing something of it I might also learn something. As part of my practice as an artist I realise the importance of recording experiences and thoughts. By formalising some of this in a way that is available to other people I might find that it clarifies my own thought processes. In doing this I am also making a way for others to give feedback, comment, criticise (hopefully constructively!) on my work. This means connecting with other people with similar interests.

So here goes...

At the beginning of the year I set up a 'proper' studio in one of our cellar rooms. By this I mean that I now have a room that is a designated space for my work. It was originally the kitchen for this Edwardian semi (the beautiful range from that period is still here), then for a long time was a dirty cellar store room. When we first moved in it became a sort of utility room until we decided to open up the window space to put in french doors and make it into a more usable family space. It became known as 'the garden room'. Although this room is in the basement the level of the garden is only a couple of feet higher than the floor level so when you are in this room you look straight out through the plants and feel very much on the same level as the garden. It feels embedded on the same plane.

So now I have a space where I can do messy stuff, leave things out without worrying about small children fiddling (the door is closed when I'm not in there), and I can go in there and pick up where I left off previously at any time that suits me and for any length of time - 10 minutes snatched at my loom is possible because I can walk in, weave and then walk out. So, if you'd like to step into my 'garden studio' I'll show you around. . .

A glimpse of the garden through the doors - when I'm working in here I am constantly aware of the garden outside, the way the light is changing, how the colours are behaving in today's weather. If I can't be out there I can at least work along side it and it is in my consciousness, informing what I'm doing on some level.

This was my Granny's loom. She used it mainly for weaving rugs, some of which I have on the wall, and for which she had spun the wool herself from fleeces that she chose for their natural variety of colours.

I'm still getting used to working in here and how best to use the space but for now I have the basics: a table for working at; a large notice board for bits and pieces of inspiration and for putting up samples and stepping back from them, living with them for a while; some basic storage for yarns and art materials. Most of my sewing stuff is still up in the attic where I used to work and where I still do paper work. The only trouble with this is that if I need something from the other room I have to go up three flights of stairs but at least it keeps me fit!

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