Thursday, 1 April 2010

Big stitches

The other day I went to a session at college on scaled up stitches. We had some large tapestry frames to stretch fabric onto so as not to be restricted by the confines of an embroidery hoop. I used a wooden frame that had originally been part of a kitchen cabinet and it did the job admirably!

The idea was to experiment with stitches that we were used to using on a small scale and see what happened when you scaled them up. We were also encouraged to use thick threads, ribbon, strips of fabric etc., basically anything that could cope with the fairly open weave of the loom-state cotton we were using and as large a needle as we could get hold of.
It was certainly quite liberating to just experiment and let the thick thread draw. Using patterned fabric in strips gave some interesting results but I particularly enjoyed layering up different stitches and different weights of 'thread'.

This weekend was beautifully sunny, mild and spring-like. I spent an afternoon spreading the contents of the compost heap that had been rotting down for a year onto the garden - wonderful stuff! The garden was left with this dark blanket pulled cosily up round the emerging leaves. Neat and tidy is not a state I tend to seek in my garden - it is at its best when slightly out of control - but there is something pleasing about this clear space that is full of anticipation of what is to come.

These tulip leaves are emerging like hand-crafted origami sculptures

This morning there was bright sunlight shining onto wet branches, giving them a coating of brightest silver. It also shone through fresh leaves and onto fine raindrops, setting them alight.

Our window sills are sprouting with all sorts of exciting things.

There are daily changes and, in some cases, hourly!

I haven't been in my studio much this week but I did snatch a few minutes at my loom. I'm having an orange phase and have been enjoying putting different shades together but also including other colours subtly in amongst the orange.

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