Friday, 23 April 2010

Nothing much to show...

I've been busy reading, researching and writing so have nothing practical to show for the last couple of weeks...

Things in the garden carry on regardless though and there was a point a few days ago when everything was very still, waiting almost. Then we had a night and morning of rain and it seemed the next day that it was this that it was all waiting for because everything seemed to suddenly relax and fill out and grow into the space around it.

There is a dominant white swathe across the garden at the moment, formed by the fragrant clematis armandii, which spreads from by the gate, across the side of the garage, into the ceonothus and beyond.

This is then continued on the other side of the garden by the white damson blossom and then similar blossom on next door's tree (which is something similar to a damson but we've never quite worked out exactly what).

On my round of inspection the other day I noticed that the tiny flowers on the gooseberry bush have little swellings at their bases with promise of fruit!

As well as beavering away at my essay for college this week I did attend a meeting at Bradford University about the forthcoming performance of 15 Images on 10th May, which will include the projection of my textile based digital images alongside the live performance of the music, as well as my actual textile images being on display at Gallery II for the evening.

This collaborative piece was premièred last August at Farfield Mill, Cumbria and it is exciting that it is soon to receive its second performance on my home turf. Later in the year it will go to Dartington in Devon in connection with tapestry weaver Jilly Edward's exhibition Sense of Place at High Cross House.

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