Monday, 17 May 2010


I did some weaving today and it was just what I needed. Finally it was warm enough to work with the door open to the garden so the plant smells and breeze could waft in.

I'm thinking of summer colours and warm days... A little optimistic perhaps, but a little optimism is surely always a good thing?

I'm weaving small samples which I will separate and I intend to play about with them as blocks of colour and see how they work in relation to each other.

This will build on some of my paper and paint thinking.

They're a bit like little rag rugs as I've used torn strips of silk for much of the weft. Lots of these fabrics have such depth to them as they're 'shot', using different colours for warp and weft.

Afternoon weaving listening: Simon and Garfunkel: Best of.

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