Thursday, 27 May 2010

weaving colour

Lately I've been looking at colours that represent a seasonal feel and I've found it useful to bring these colours together using salvaged magazine pages. I always keep pages that have particularly striking colour combinations but they tend to just sit in a box and not really get any further, until I use them for something like this...

I select the pages that fit the mood I'm after and tear strips off so that any image is broken up into fragments. Then I weave the strips together into a block of mixed tones and textures. I find it can make a good starting point to bring colours that have the right kind of feel together and from this I can pick out particular combinations that work.

This lot was spring.

From that I picked out key colours and mixed them in paint.

Then summer...

which developed further into striped forms

Winter stayed in stripes instead of the woven block of the previous ones.

What I like about these ready made collected colours is that they have textures and variation in them that you wouldn't get from a painted sheet of paper, so there is immediately another element in the mix. Sometimes this can complicate things but other times it helps to get a more subtle feel for a colour palette, particularly when it is going to be developed into textiles.

Autumn started like this

and ended up like this

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