Saturday, 5 June 2010


I lifted the tulips that had been so glorious a few weeks ago in this long trough ready to replace them with something more alive looking.

They are laid out on the table in the garden so that the leaves can continue to photosynthesise and they can pack the maximum energy back into their bulbs for next year.

They look naked, all exposed and vulnerable, lined up in rows. They are yellowing by the day as they dry out. When they are properly dry I'll store them away until its time to plant them out again in the autumn... cycles... routines... everything in its place.

In the trough I planted out some Tumbling Tom tomatoes with Californian poppies and Love-in-the-mist mixed in for good measure and cheery colour.

Things are growing well in this warm weather

And blue is still the dominating colour in my garden, with irises

and the big mound of blue that is the ceonothus in its prime.

Elsewhere the foxgloves are just starting to open

And with the bright sunlight today there are lovely shadows and a real depth to the detail when you look closely amongst the plants with their hairs and veins exposed ... naked but comfortable in their skin.

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  1. Hello friend - thank you for your comment on my blog. It will be you and brenda next! Been sat in the garden today and the weeds have taken over with the rain so lots to do in there now I have some time. I also want to add more plants this year as I havent had time to think about it really for a long time. Bruce is busy with the veg garden and the chickens love it down there. See you next week. xx