Tuesday, 15 June 2010

one year on

Today I've been with good friends who I last saw a year ago in Northern Spain for their lovely wedding celebration. This time last year we were having a really relaxing and food-filled few days in Cudillero, Asturias with friends old and new. As a late wedding present I made them a little book with copies of the sketches and notes that I made while we were there and I finished it this morning just (literally!) in time to give it to them over lunch.

There were sketches of the fishing boats coming in with their catch and then the catch being auctioned in the fish market...

There were sketches at the beach where various members of the party swam in the very cold sea...

There were sketches of the spectacular muddle of a roof-scape in the valley-confined village...

And sketches of the main square where the people of Cuillero spend their time sitting, drinking, eating and putting the world to rights...

Scanning my drawings and cleaning them up on the computer was fairly time consuming but it was actually constructing the book which was the difficult bit. The good quality water colour paper I used is fine to stitch through as long as you're not using a big wadge of it! Several broken needles and bleeding finders and thumbs later I had a complete book

which I could wrap

and present to my friends.

Book making listening: Schubert quintet in A major and quartet in D minor


  1. did you know the first wedding anniversary is paper? What a lovely gift for them Alice and your drawings wonderful. A really nice memory of a special time.

  2. We showed the book to our family and friends in Spain, who were all very impressed. Thanks for a fantastic present!