Tuesday, 29 June 2010


My first sweet pea flowers came out yesterday and so this means that summer is really here as far as I'm concerned. That smell takes me straight to my grandparents garden where they grew wigwams full of them along a path in the heart of the garden. As a child I used to help granny pick bunches of the candy coloured flowers that were then put in bowls on the large dining room table.

Anyway, enough of the reminiscing... I've been printing small pieces of water colour paper again for some new cards. These are developing some ideas from some experiments I did a couple of months ago with summer-inspired colours.

The next stage is to stitch into the thick paper.

I've also been playing with ideas for fabric versions and had a good rummage in my box of dyed scraps. I enjoyed putting the different colours next to each other.

So as well as the newly coloured paper waiting for stitches I now have little piles of textile colour waiting for stitches too.

I just need a long train journey to get it all done...

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