Sunday, 11 July 2010

a langourous afternoon

The bleating of sheep (why do they always sound so desperate?) and incessant rush of water in the river, low with lack of rain, was the sound track to my Saturday afternoon.

This was the Ribble near Settle, in the Yorkshire Dales. A dipper in the river darted back and forth, alighting on rocks, doing as its name suggests. A baby great tit, surely too young to fly, sat helplessly in the grass, its mother shouting at us to go away from the riverside trees. Warm air; sun comes and goes amidst broken cloud and is then further interrupted by the ever moving leaves of a large ash tree.
The perfect place to spend a langourous afternoon.
Then suddenly the mood changes, cool breeze, spots of rain, dark clouds looming.

Walking back to the station there is all sorts of detail to be distracted by: A dock leaf like lace...

a purple cow parsley leaf...

spiky buttercup seed heads...

various umbellifers in seed...

delicate buds, tightly closed now the sun has gone in

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