Sunday, 25 July 2010

paper snippets

I've spent a couple of mornings this week sitting on my study floor cutting out layers of paper for hanging decorations.

There are layers of tissue paper to make the shapes 3-dimensional and re-used papers on the outside, stitched to hold it all together.

I end up with this little pile of off-cuts, snippets of the different papers I've used. They're like rather angular confetti! It seems a shame to throw them away but however obsessed I am with keeping things 'just in case' I don't think I can find a use for these.

Some are from pages from an old book, some feature the insides of envelopes (I love those patterns: an interesting one is a prized find), some are old wrapping paper. This Indian wrapping paper is my current favourite, with lovely white and gold print.

This batch is for Magic Number Three in Saltaire, some to sell and some to hang in the shop.

I have some that flutter and twizzle from some dried fennel stems on the mantle piece in my bedroom. They make lovely shadows when the sun comes in.

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