Thursday, 29 July 2010

riotous Dixter

I'm on a bit of a garden indulgence in East Sussex. Today it was Great Dixter, home and garden of the late Christopher Lloyd.

Great Dixter is renowned for Christo's flamboyant colour combinations and general breaking of garden design 'rules'. The planting is certainly unexpected in places but as a result has a relaxed feel that sits well within the formality of the clipped yew hedging the Nathaniel Lloyd laid out within Edwin Lutyens' garden design.

Some of the vibrancy of earlier in the season is lost now but there is still a wonderful exuberance that keeps surprising you as you wonder round.

There are weeds here (it feels like a real garden!) as well as lots of things that self seed and are allowed to do so. The tall verbascum (featured at the top of the post) has been left to self seed all round the garden and works beautifully in amongst other tall plants such a verbena bonariensis, another favourite here.

It feels experimental and invigorating. There are places to sit in this garden, but they're few and far between. Quiet contemplation is not necessarily the order of the day here.

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