Monday, 19 July 2010


I was in Cumbria on Saturday, the bit of Cumbria that mingles with the Yorkshire Dales. The weather changed by the minute almost - heavy rain showers, sunshine bringing warmth to the skin suddenly, dramatic, ever-changing clouds with glimpses of intense blue sky between.

I sketched a little by the Rawthey's madrigal...

Trying to capture something of the movement of the water

Why can't I sketch more at home? When I'm away on holiday I can get really engrossed in a sketchbook and drawing becomes part of my exploration of a place, part of immersing myself in a location. I've often thought I should be able to do that at home too and make drawing a part of my everyday routine. But there is just too much else to do, too many mundane distractions. It is the exception rather than the norm, but I'd like it to be more the norm...

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