Wednesday, 7 July 2010

stripes and stitches

Long train journey complete (London and back... V&A Quilts exhibition... New Designers... Garden Museum... lots to think about...)

and stitches added to my printed stripes on my return.

I am always over optimistic about what I'll get done on a trip, always take too much 'just in case', always have, probably always will! Despite meaning to sit and stitch all the way the chance to read, but also to spend time watching the fields wizz past and let the mind drift along with them, was too seductive. On a trip like that it is always tempting to pack as much in as possible but then you are left with so much to take in and process that you need some head space to let it settle.

Anyway, on return I got down to work finishing off these cards for ArtParade in Saltaire. Some with machine stitching...

and some with hand stitching.

Current listening: Radio 4: Grayson Perry On Creativity and Imagination. Worth a Listen Again.

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