Tuesday, 13 July 2010

words of wisdom

Today I've been reading about creativity and approaches to a creative life. I'm finding it fascinating. There are all sorts of little gems I've found but in particular I've found some of Anni Albers' words really useful. And I mean useful in a broad, approach to life and approach to artistic practice kind of way (never mind the dissertation!). In her writing I keep coming across inspirational nuggets of wisdom that I could do with pinning up on my notice board, but of course the more you have of those the less you take notice of them.

Here are a couple that deal with the exploration of a material, from On Designing (1971):

Direct experience of a medium – taking it in the hand, learning by working it of its obedience and its resistance, its potency and weakness, its charm and dullness. The material itself is full of suggestions if we approach it unaggressively, receptively.

Freedom can be bewildering; but within set limits the imagination can find something to hold on to. There still remains a fullness of choice but one not as over-whelming as that offered by unlimited opportunities.

And this one is all about the importance of tactility in our relationship with materials, from On Weaving (1965):

We touch things to assure ourselves of reality. We touch the objects of our love
We touch the things we form. Our tactile experiences are elemental.

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