Friday, 13 August 2010

autumn already

It feels distinctly autumnal today, Octoberish in fact. Not good for the middle of the school holidays. Its impossible to think about work with the kids off school so the dissertation is firmly on the back burner and anything practical and creative is on the burner that is even further back!

There are still some lovely things coming from the garden though...

I went to investigate the courgettes just now (amidst firm drizzle) and found this monster hiding at the back of the plant! Stuffed marrow for tea me thinks.

I bottled the morello cherries. Bottling is not something I've ever done before. It reminds me of my grandparents who bottled huge numbers of tomatoes and then had them as part of a cooked breakfast every day. The plan with these is to have them with vanilla ice cream.

My runner beans are mixed up with the sweet peas that have been flowering steadily for weeks now and I still can't get enough of their intoxicating fragrance. This is the first picking of the beans.

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  1. Lovely colours on your post Alice. We have been eating lots of beetroot and the girls love it now! Well done on the cherries - the birds eat all ours. I know its hard to get creative things done whilst the children are at home but they will be back to school before you know it! Keep it the good gardening x