Saturday, 28 August 2010

flotsam and jetsam

I've had a few days in lovely north Wales. Sand, sunsets, sheep... you know the kind of thing. It's hard to be on a beach and not undertake a spot of beach-combing. Of course they vary hugely in the kinds of treasures they offer. Some beautiful beaches can be almost devoid of washed up items and others give rich pickings.

Those evocative terms flotsam and jetsam are what we generally use for things washed up on the beach but they technically mean things that have come from ships (flotsam as a result of a wreck and jetsam being purposefully thrown from a ship). The brightly coloured ropes have probably come from some sort of boat related activity but I suspect that a lot of the plastic stuff is just general rubbish from wherever and once its in the sea it bobs about for rather a long time before sitting on a beach for another long time, pretty depressing in many ways. Despite the fact that it was other people's rubbish I was looking at I still managed to get excited about some of the colour combinations.

There were amazing brightly coloured seaweeds in places and then odd items, usually plastic and gaudy, standing out like a sore thumb amongst the subtle hues of the rest of the beach.

I couldn't help myself collecting things. I've always done it. I have a collection of sea bird skulls that started on the beaches of my childhood holidays on the west coast of Scotland. This time I wanted to collect things that I could use, weave with if possible. Once you start looking the possibilities are plentiful.

So this

became this

Just the start, but with plenty of possibilities...

Open air weaving with a view of the sea - I'm convinced it's the way forward!

Holiday listening: mostly the wind and the sea

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