Tuesday, 31 August 2010

world beach

When on a beach the first thing you must always consider is 'is this suitable for an entry to the World Beach Project?'

This wonderful world-wide, all inclusive art project was started by Artist Sue Lawty and the V&A and has recently had its 1000th entry. There are a small number of criteria you must fit in order for your beach art to be accepted onto the website, most importantly it is to be done in stone and not other beachy bits and pieces. This means that not all beaches are suitable, but as long as there is stone there in some form you can create something that can be part of the project.

Last Tuesday we found ourselves on a windy stony beach, Porth Ysgo on the Llyn peninsular: A varied beach with massive black boulders as well as lovely rounded pebbles of all sorts of different colours. Bright yellow lichen sits strikingly on the black rocks, made even blacker by being wet, adding further to the drama of this beach that is tucked away at the bottom of steep cliffs.

We collected pebbles that ranged from deep maroon, through dusky reds, oranges to mustardy yellows. Joe arranged them into two groups, the redder ones and the yellower ones and then he made circles on a big flat black rock.

The colours of our pebbles picked up the yellow of the lichen on the neighbouring rocks.

We've just uploaded his entry onto the V&A website and we are waiting for confirmation that it will be accepted.

You can see my first entry to the project which was made about this time last year at Melon Udrigle in the north of Scotland.

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