Thursday, 2 September 2010

beach combing weaving

I've done a bit more weaving with things collected from the various beaches we visited last week.

It feels good to be doing something with my hands, manipulating, taking care, working slowly but rhythmically.

It's such a mixture of different fibres that I've got in my bag from each place. There are plastic and other synthetics, most of which are bound into some sort of rope or string. Many of these are partly unravelled and I've taken parts of them away in order to weave finely with them. There are bits of water worn wood, which I haven't yet incorporated. There are almost dried strips of seaweed that are like really leathery bootlaces, some dark in colour, some light.

Current listening: Schumann piano trios. I played some duets last night (really badly) but it was fun - mostly Bach duets for violin and cello.

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