Thursday, 9 September 2010

getting things in order

I have just over a week before college term starts again and I'll be in the midst of my final year. I'm finding the prospect of full time fairly scary, having done it all part time so far.

I'm reviewing where I'm up to with my dissertation research. I had hoped to have a first draft written before starting back. This isn't required for quite a long time, after Christmas even, but with all of my other commitments (family mostly - most of my music making is having to go on hold this year) I thought that getting ahead of myself through the summer would give me a bit of breathing space this semester. I haven't quite managed my target but I have done a lot of the research and reading that I intended to do and I do have part of a first draft written, so all in all I'm pretty pleased. I have a pile of books that are still waiting for reading but I can work my way through those over the next few weeks I hope.

Current listening: Monsters of Folk

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