Monday, 13 September 2010

more beachcombing weaving

The maker's Fair at the Saltaire Arts Trail went really well at the weekend and there was a great buzz around the village. Lots more going on next weekend!

When I do an event like that I always take things to do. I'm amazed how many people just sit there behind their stall all day. As well as an opportunity to sit for most of a day and stitch, or similar, it's a really good talking point. So many people are interested to see what you're doing and it sparks all sorts of lovely conversations. It also helps people to understand that the things you are selling are hand made and by you - not immediately obvious to all, however strange that may seem!

So I took my small weaving frame and some more of my beach-combing bits and pieces and did a bit more weaving.

This time I used some of the natural items I'd collected rather than the gaudy man-made ones (perhaps I was in a less colourful mood) but I still tried to incorporate some rigid bits to experiment with how different materials work in this way.

I half expected this piece of crab claw to break but it stayed intact (so far). The sea weed and twig fragments were a bit more straight forward to deal with and I love that tension you get once they're really held tight in between the warp threads.

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