Wednesday, 8 September 2010

new work

This morning, as I was sorting out my stock to take to the maker's fair at the weekend, I thought through all sorts of things to do with my cards and how I will sell them or not sell them in the future. I've made and sold cards for 6 years now, stocking various local shops, selling through different craft fairs and maker's fairs. It's been a kind of bread and butter. It's the more substantial and more satisfying (to do) pieces that are what I really want to be making and selling but cards have been a really useful and accessible way to make a few pennies and get people to see my work. Many of my cards are small versions of things I've done on a bigger scale or I treat almost as samples for trying out ideas that might get used for other things. I have various ideas about where I want things to go after my degree and, although cards will hopefully not be the main thrust of my business after that point, I recognise how that they are a good way of people being made aware of your work and can sit really nicely alongside other things.

I was musing over the fact that I have stock I'd like to shift and wondering at what point I actually stop selling certain things, make a break. It felt like everything I was putting in my box was stuff people have seen before (not always a negative thing but something I'm conscious of). Then I found a little piece I did earlier this year as a trial for the work I did connected with Sense of Place. I trimmed it and found the right canvas to mount it on ...

... so now I have a new piece that says something about where my work has gone to recently. Its just small and quite simple but I like it and it means that I have something new to put on my stall at the weekend.

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