Saturday, 25 September 2010

not-so-empty space

The first week back was always going to be a bit of a strange one. We've had the predictable mix of slight confusion, unsure-ness, and excitement. Things seem a bit slow and, eager to get stuck in, its hard to know quite how to get going on things.

My space is now full of images that relate to my ideas.

We had a crit on Monday when we had to present three ideas that we'd been working on over the summer. On Wednesday we were shaken up with an exercise to generate new ideas and to make us think about where were were heading in a year's time, what our direction might be and therefore who our audience is. For some of the group this really worked and got people thinking in new ways, challenging themselves. For some it was confusing. For those of us who had put a lot of thought, time and energy into our summer projects it was frustrating to be told to start all over again! What it actually achieved for me (once I'd got over the frustration of Wednesday) was to get me to think more clearly about what my themes where really about, how I can challenge myself with them over the coming months and to crystallise my three themes into the two that I will take forward from this point.

My themes are:
Beachcombing, collecting, incorporating found objects

green roofs, sustainable architecture, re-connecting fragmented habitats

Collection of images and source material now continues alongside the development of a colour palette

Current listening: Fleet Foxes

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