Friday, 17 September 2010

roof space

I've spent part of the last three days in the roof space of Salts Mill. It is an incredible space that is only open for special events and is currently the venue for a photography exhibition as part of the Saltaire Arts Trail.

Asadour Guzelian's stunning photographs, that capture snapshots of public figures and key moments for use in the press, sit well in this stunning, yet unassuming space. This is no white washed, polished floored gallery space. In its un-scrubbed, paint-peeling, light-flooded state it has something of the grittiness of the exhibited photographs.

Some of those visiting are here for the photographs and some for the space. Many are pleasantly surprised by the other.

These photographs are key moments captured on film (or its digital equivalent) in such a ways as to mask the skill and experience that is behind them. What I mean is he makes it look easy! They are mostly moments in Bradford's recent history, often featuring public figures exposed as ordinary people, seen from a different angle. There is often a sense of humour in the situations although what they say is something entirely serious and important.

Sitting in the empty space this morning before the first visitors arrived the sun streamed in through the skylights. The room stretches out into the distance - in-feasibly long.

A runner of light and shade is laid down the length of the room, slightly off centre. The light this morning is unbroken in intensity, not like yesterday, when the runner receded and reappeared with the passing of clouds.

The exhibition is open for the rest of this afternoon and all weekend.

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