Sunday, 3 October 2010

the 'c' word

I've been finishing off those Christmas cards that I started a couple of weeks ago.

The printed sheets have been cut and pieced together and
stitched. Each little art work then gets attached to the card blank.

It's quite a production line. Each little job (stitching, trimming, sticking, signing, printing on the back, putting in sleeves with their envelopes) doesn't take long for each card but when they're multiplied by 150 or so cards it takes quite a while.

They look rather lovely lined up on my desk.

Card making listening: As the sun has been shining (well it was yesterday and now today's rain has stopped) I've had the skylight above my desk open and have been enjoying the gentle outside sounds and a quiet house!


  1. thanks for the follow! I love making things like this and you sound like a person after my own heart, work, play, parenting, studying and creating! :)


  2. Keeps us out of mischief! Thanks to you too.

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