Tuesday, 19 October 2010

light and shadows

I did some mark making yesterday that followed on from some of the sketches and paper experiments I'd done on my Green architecture project, but it was all wrong. The lines were too dirty, messy, not clean and precise enough. Suddenly I felt constricted by working on a small scale too. I'm comfortable working at sketch book size usually, perhaps a bit too comfortable. I was relying on things I know work... but this time they didn't.

So I left it all alone and came back to it today. I haven't started working on a bigger scale yet, that's to come, but I did play about with some of what I'd done that I wasn't happy with, adding layers of tracing paper that take elements from the layer below and add something to them.

I also took some photos of some of my sketchbook pages held against the light:

Current listening: The Unthanks, Here's The Tender Coming


  1. Alice,
    Just discovered your blog and I'm finding so many topics and photos of interest. Especially love the lines and shadows in this post! Did you do any manipulating to create the shadows, or were they natural? Beautiful!

  2. Hi Joanna. The shadows were all just made naturally; by holding the paper up and moving it around to get them to fall in interesting ways. Thanks for your interest!