Sunday, 24 October 2010

time away

We had a crit this week at college, a summing up of where we're all up to with our projects. It was fine, I'm on top of things (this week - it feels like that changes dramatically fairly often even if it appears to the rest of the world that I'm coping with everything) and my tutors are pleased with how things are going. I do need a bit of a break though and my head is spinning with college work and the rest of complicated life.

A couple of quiet days at my parent's will hopefully sort that out. With the kids on half term I wouldn't get much work done anyway so perhaps its best to resign myself to that and not try. Having said that of course I'm over-optimistic about all the stuff I bring to do 'just in case'. This then adds to the disappointment in myself that I didn't achieve any of it, but hey ho!

A stroll round the garden this afternoon with the autumn sunshine coming and going behind the odd cloud; each time it disappears I think it's gone, sunk behind the wood over the road, and then suddenly its back again, illuminating another corner or a few leaves.

This track in the grass is a fox's path, well trodden. Its narrow but really distinct and runs right down the garden with a couple of different routes in different places. It seems rather appropriate that the Fox's garden is frequented by foxes.

There are lots of splashes of red, brightened in places by the light

Project work is always in the back of my mind, it's hard to switch off from it. I will update on both projects in other posts. I do find this blogging lark a useful tool for summing up developments in my work, mulling things over, stepping back a little, so even if not many people read it I think it is worth it.

Driving listening today: Seth Lakeman: Hearts and Minds; Laura Marling: I Speak Because I Can.

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  1. Have a bit of a rest Alice, will do you good. Obviously you will be also thinking about college work but walks/gardens are restful. Writing the blog is good therapy, seeing thoughts on screen can make you re-think an idea. I have been reading but dont always have time to comment! Will try more. Have a good half term with the family x CA