Wednesday, 6 October 2010

zero carbon

I've been longing to draw. I've been stuck, unable to get started. I know that when I'm away, on holiday or visiting somewhere new I can really draw and its part of the way I experience a new place. But I've lost count of the number of times I've made a resolution to draw regularly at home. I've tried all sorts: leaving sketch books around the house, putting aside a certain time each day. But somehow it doesn't happen, it hasn't become part of my daily routine in the way that I'd like to. I can go to an exhibition like the one I visited last week and get all fired up and then the rest of life gets in the way.

Anyway, yesterday I had a small break through and got going with drawing for one of my college projects -
Hooray! Perhaps I have to accept that it is only when I am faced with or immersed in a specific project that I can really spend the time drawing that I want to.

I visited 'one of the UK's greenest buildings' at Harlow Carr, near Harrogate. It is a shame that my journey there wasn't zero carbon like the building!

Once I'd spent time exploring the building and drawing bits of it from all sorts of different angles I had a brisk walk round the garden, visiting some of my favourite parts. I came across this installation by Alex Metcalf that I'd not seen before. There are a number of headphones dangling from this lovely tree and when you put them on you can hear the noise of what is going on inside the tree!

Its hard to grasp that the electronic kind of noises you hear through the head set are actually generated by the tree and I suppose its been magnified significantly so you can actually hear it, thus elevating the sound to something quite removed from what you imagine a tree might sound like.

What would you image the inside of a tree
might sound like?

Current listening: The insides of a tree? Actually the insides of a computer!

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  1. Hi Alice, I visited this installation when I was researching my Flower Bride project last year. Thought it was wonderful. Harlow Carr is such an inspiring place to visit there is always something to catch your attention and "feel" something about. Have fun. x