Monday, 8 November 2010


I managed to make some good progress last week on both of my college projects. The previous week (half term) had felt a bit barren on the getting-things-done front but actually was very useful in terms of thinking (as evidenced in my last few posts). So once I did get in the studio at college I had lots of things to be getting on with.

I sometimes find it difficult to photograph things well in the studio as the light isn't great, particularly at my desk - I'm a bit tucked away in a corner. This weave sample with some of my beach-combed material hasn't come out well but the colour is great and, although the stiff translucent stuff was a nightmare to set up as a warp, it has a lot of character to it because of the kinks that have stayed in it after I unravelled it from it's found state.

I've started to take some of my architectural experimentation more 3-dimensional

and into a larger scale.

studio listening: Aqualung & Fleet Foxes,

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