Thursday, 25 November 2010

winter beach combing

Here are a few more pictures from last weekend's trip to Runswick Bay in North Yorkshire.

I did bring home with me the seaweed that I'd stitched into on the beach. The plastic wire-like thread that I used was attached by entanglement to a bundle at one end of the weed, the bit where the weed would be rooted onto a rock or something. This bundle was an incredible jumble of man-made fibres and natural material all mixed up. The red plastic thread was emerging from this mass and just crying out to be manipulated: first wound and tied and then stitched through the stalk of the weed. I thought it would be too tough to sew into but it worked beautifully as the weed was fresh and supple. Not so after a day or two sitting in my studio and I had to throw it away once I realised that there were living things (little maggoty things!) emerging from it.

I did various mark making experiments with sand and rocks and charred wood. The most successful was a rubbing made from a large piece of charred wood, using a rock to get good pressure.

I made a bundle with a piece of cottonmuslin I took with me, including sea weed an various other bits and pieces around me at the time. I've yet to undo it...

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