Monday, 22 November 2010

winter beach

A week without a computer has been both frustrating and refreshing. I'm slowly getting my head round a borrowed one but it is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Last week was difficult. I felt stuck with both my projects and found tutorials presented more confusion than resollution. I find this is often the case - questions are raised or I'm challenged (don't get me wrong - this is absolutely what I'm at college for!) and at first I'm confused but given a day or two for things to sink in and for my little head to process things I can move forward again.

To help with that processing of thoughts: a windswept day by the sea on a beach with plenty of beach-combing potential (Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire
- listed as one of the top 10 beaches in the UK for beach combing); a birthday; a day with my lovely family, including calls from those that are a long way away (in this country and another hemisphere) and I'm ready for a new week.

A night spent in earshot of the rumbling waves turned to a grey, damp November day with the beach slowly revealed in colour. I doubted the top 10 status at first - there didn't seem to be much of interest littering the wide sand, but soon pockets of stranded items were revealed and a bag of collected bits grew heavy.

Excitement of mixed up materials: organic and synthetic fused; one mimicks the other; boundaries are blurred; synthetic constrains, invades and interferes.

Natural material reclaims, mingles.

Cold fingers manipulate, explore, collect.

The rumble of the waves stays in my ears long after leaving the coast.

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