Thursday, 2 December 2010

beachy printing

These were some of the things I collected at Runswick Bay. My previous beachcombing collections had been made up mostly of linear things, stuff I could potentially weave with. This time it was much more of a mixed bag.

Once things had been sorted through and laid out to dry off I could rub most of the sand off and divide things into groups. I took a mixture of items into college to develop silk screens from but rather than expose the screen from acetates with black and white images I arranged the items directly on the exposure unit and placed the coated screens over to see what would happen.

Some items left really distinct marks. Others, depending on their 3-dimensionalness and their opaqueness left more ambiguous marks or no mark at all. The whole excersise left sand on the exposure unit!

There is an interesting ambiguity to the shapes. Some that are made by plastics and scraps of synthetic textiles leave very organic-looking shapes, like sea weed. The limpet shells with holes in left eclipse like rings which fade as the shape blocked the light enevenly.

I printed the screens out mostly onto paper using left over pigments from other people's printing.

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