Tuesday, 7 December 2010

blue cabbage?

At last I'm re-gaining control of the electircal equipment in this house! Well, small steps: I managed to upload the photos that I was having problems with...

I prepared some folded bundles, just as I did for the onion skin dye bath, with a variety of different clips and clamps.

When they first went in the pot with chopped up red cabbage and hot water it was all rather pink. Then it quickly started going more blue as the metal of the clips affected the concoction...

So that by the time it had all bubbled and steeped for the right amount of time it was definitely blue (almost as blue as my kitchen wall).

Once they'd dried for a couple of days I could unfold them and reveal their hidden grids.

Current listening: Elgar cello concerto (inspired by my daughter's debut last night with her music centre Christmas concert: her C string broke just before they went on but she carried on regardless and un-phased. I'm told something similar happened to Jaceline Du Pre before her debut recital)

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