Thursday, 2 December 2010


The bundle that I'd made on the beach with all sorts of found items in it was undone the other day and hung up to dry. Meanwhile some other bundles were prepared for a dye bath. This time they were folded carefully and clamped to make grids for my other project. There is a mixture of folded paper, silk, cotton muslin, some pre-treated with copper, and some white linen.

They went in with onion skins, which started off as a nice yellowy orangey colour...

but fairly quickly changed to dark browns and almost black with the various metals in the clamps and pegs.

Once steeped in the mixture overnight and then dried off for a couple of days they were carefully unfolded, revealing a lovely mixture of different grid patterns.

Some looked almost burnt.

I'm not quite sure yet where this is leading... I have a crit in a week and a half so I need to start gathering my thoughts together and after a strong start on this project I've floundered a bit recently (as the beach-combing project has taken over). What with all the snowy goings on round here this past week, schools and college closed at various unexpected times, things haven't really moved on quite as I'd hoped. Let's see what tomorrow brings...

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