Sunday, 19 December 2010

end of term

Here is my space at college almost ready for assessment. I've spent the week finishing off, labelling, recording, generally tidying up (as well as being poorly - thank goodness I was organised enough to have time to fit that one in!). My space is divided into two with the beachcombing project, or Flotsam and Jetsam as it is now titled, on the left and Green Solutions on the right. It is difficult to squeeze everything in to such a small space and make it look coherant and un-cluttered, impossible in fact. I did use a portfolio stand for my big development pieces, so that helped.

I am pleased with what I've managed to produce but now it's all handed in I feel rather flat. Perhaps that's because I'm very tired and still feeling unwell. However, I can now turn my attention to the rest of life for a couple of weeks, prepare for Christmas, tidy my messy house before the kids break up from school, and generally try to keep warm!

Current listening: something Christmassy

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