Monday, 6 December 2010

stitching makes it alright

Sliding about on treacherously icy pavements and sitting on the cold bus just to get to college for a tutorial that doesn't happen is not a good start to the week. Back at home my struggle continues with technology that doesn't quite want to do as I ask it. I really don't understand it all and the struggle just seems to swallow my time.

However, after some lunch (celery and lentil soup with dill and toasted rye bread), and once the fire was lit and warming up the house, with some lovely music on the stereo, looking out over snowy roof tops lit by winter sunshine with clear blue sky beyond, I sat and stitched. A couple of hours of this and all seems so much better.

Current listening: The Be Good Tanyas, Blue Horse

1 comment:

  1. Chin up! Stitching always makes it better. It'll all work out okay in the end... you'll see!