Sunday, 5 December 2010

weather beaten, technology beaten

On Saturday I should have been at this event at Ruthin Craft Centre but the journey to North Wales was just going to be too complicated with the current weather so I had to give it a miss. Hopefully I'll still manage to get to the exhibition while it's on (until 6th February).

As well as battling the wintery weather I seem to to be locked in battle with technology at the moment. Just when I think I've got something sorted something else breaks or stops working or just foils my attempts to grapple with it.

I took lots of photos yesterday of some new dyeing experiments and now I can't download them onto my temporary computer, so no pictures today...

There are some lovely pictures here though and a new one appearing each day. If you're within reach of Saltaire do have a walk round the village in the dark and experience the living advent calender.

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