Friday, 21 January 2011


It's decision time this week at college. We have to decide which of last semester's projects we want to take forward and develop into our final collections. There were various points during last semester when I switched my views on which was 'the' project but I've now decided.

I'm taking forward the green architecture one, currently called Greening Surfaces. This is very much inspired by contemporary architecture but focusing specifically on sustainability and actually a personal disappontment of mine that contemporary architecture, despite often being stunning visually and having many improving credentials on the sustainability stakes, doesn't have more actual greenness. If every new building had a green surface (a wall, a roof, even parts of a wall) it would:

make for a more dynamic, living, exciting built environment;
improve habitats in urban areas; increase biodiversity; link up fragmented habitats...

In semester 1 my visual and textile development centred around grid structures, repeated units, greening of surfaces (literally and not so), exploring materials that are used on and in buildings.

One reason for choosing this project over the beachcombing theme was that this one was less resolved and therefore has further to go. It is more of a challenge. I can see myself adopting the way of working I developed in the beachcombing project once I finish my degree. That project had a very personal angle to it and I will come back to it. The one I'm taking forward now is less personal and so I have to find a way into making it so, making a closer connection.

(Image: this evening's sky)

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