Thursday, 6 January 2011

winter fields

A drive into the Dales seemed a good thing to do on the last day of the school holidays, to blow away some cobwebs etc. It was almost sunny at home but got greyer as we drove, so that by the time we got to Ingleton it was drizzly and pretty gloomy. The brisk walk I had planned was curtailed due to complaints from small people and the need for lunch. It was really the kind of day that is best spent sitting in a tea shop, but we'd brought sandwiches. A picnic lunch in the car with the windows steaming up and rain pattering on the roof made it feel like being on holiday (childhood family holidays on the west coast of Scotland, although there were many that didn't involve rain).

The hills had a dusting of snow, b
ringing out every small nook, cleft and hump in haunting monocrome. Despite the gloomy weather I was struck by the richness of some of the colours. Bare fields held an intense mossy green whilst, curiously, at the same time looked washed out, a real mulit-layeredness of colour. Small glimpses of weak sunshine caught mossy tree trunks, revealing a really vibrant green, accentuated by the drabness all around. There is nothing quite like those distinctive yellow-green fields backed by a bank of thick grey cloud.

My camera didn't make it out of its bag but these pictures were taken in the same area about this time last year, so kind of fit the mood. I often find when I'm driving that I get a snap shot of something, a glimpse of light on a field or a detail of texture in the landscape and I wish I could snap it. Instead I have to just commit it to the old hard drive in the head for later retrieval (just like Frederick).

Current listening: still listening to lots of Radio 3's Mozart series but perhaps I need a change today... Rufus Wainright: All Days Are Nights, Songs For Lulu

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