Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I'm working on my dissertation (the first draft is due in less than two weeks). We aren't required to write an abstract but writing one is something that I've found useful to clarify the form of the whole thing. Here it is:

Natural Creativity
An exploration of the garden as a creative outlet

Artists feel the urge to create, the need to express themselves. How might creativity be engaged with by different people? If a person is creative in one area of their life will they automatically find outlets for this in other, more mundane areas of their life such as tending a garden? The importance of ‘slowness’ and reflection in the creative process is recognised. Examples of artists who have an approach to their creative practice that resonates with the author’s own are identified and those who have a particular relationship with the natural world in their work. Definitions of the garden as art are explored, including how the debate over fine and applied art might be applied to gardens. Gardening tasks are compared to repetitive tasks in artistic or craft practice and their value as part of a creative life is considered. Different approaches by two contemporary artists who are also passionate gardeners are used to illustrate the value of gardening to artistic practice.

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