Saturday, 5 February 2011

eva and anni

I've been reading about Eva Hesse and Anni Albers, seperately, but now together. I've had a whole pile of books on Eva Hesse out of the college library for months now and they've sat about my house and I've been trying to absorb them through osmosis and not actually doing much reading in them. I've moved them about occassionally and opened up one or two and read snippets, always meaning to read more and then return them to the library so as not to hog the whole library's stock of knowledge about this artist!

I was recommended to look at her work during a dissertation tutorial and was immediately transfixed by her strange and beautiful artwork, but also by her intriguing and at times troubled life.

Anyway, I'm finally getting round to some proper reading and this one is fascinating. It has a particular chapter which draws all sorts of parallels between the approaches that Eva and Anni took, connecting their material driven processes and exploration of materiality. There is even a little quote from Sheila Hicks in there too, another big inspiration.

This bit refers to Eva's use of 'drawing' and how her approach crosses over into textile processes, even though she was not seen as working in 'textiles':

"... expanded field of drawing - drawing in all its manifestations: as writing and sketching in journals, as tracing with pen and ink, as winding with wire and strips of cloth, as wrapping and binding, as tying knots, as forming webs suspended in space"

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