Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I've finally finished the little project I started a while ago, which was meant to be completed in time for Christmas but which happened a little more slowly than originally planned.

Three scarves,
one warp with three yarns randomly arranged across it,
the same three yarns used as weft, one on each scarf
three gifts for three special people

I'm especially pleased with how neat the edges came out.

I tried modelling and photographing at the same time with the aid of the bathroom mirror!

The previous Christmas I wove this scarf for another special person on my Granny's old rigid heddle loom. This is really simple technology and there were issues with the tension and with me not really knowing what I was doing and therefore making it up as I went along. It made a very loose weave on a scarf that wasn't really long enough or wide enough but I learnt a lot and I know it is very much loved by the wearer.

I'd learnt things in weaving this first one that I put into practice on the recent three, which were woven on Granny's floor loom. I still learnt alot this time round so I wonder what next Christmas will bring...

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