Sunday, 20 March 2011

Harlow Carr

Yesterday at Harlow Carr Gardens it seemed that everything was waiting for something to happen, poised, ready. The whole place was neat and tidy, cleared of all the winter debris; fresh soil in bare and empty beds; bare stems with bobbles of buds just waiting to burst open. The flowers that were out were all small and low, but shouting loud with bright colours.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I am so happy spring is here.

  2. These photographs are very striking; some of the best I've seen on this blog to date. You've captured that special quality of light that spells out a sunny afternoon in early spring. My favourite has to be the dogwood and birch image. What a wonderful mix of colour is achieved by placing cornus sericea and cornus sanguinea together (I looked them up on the RHS website). . . I hope you rewarded your efforts with coffee and cake at Betty's.

  3. Thanks. It makes such a difference having bright sun light and Saturday was the perfect day to pick out the shapes and colours. There is such a feeling of anticipation at this time!