Sunday, 17 April 2011

end of term

End of term: everyone is tired. I'm completely exhausted actually. Having finished off my dissertation this week and got three copies bound ready for submission...

I should be celebrating. But actually I'm rather overwhelmed by
everything that I need to do in the next couple of months. For most of the other students on my course the Easter holiday is a chance to catch up and get lots of work done. For me it is a time to spend with family. I have to put my work aside for a while, get the house in order, try to relax a little.

I spent most of yesterday asleep, just trying to catch up with myself and I did have half an hour of garden therapy.

I planted out these lovely broad beans as well as runner beans and climbing beans. I constructed wigwams for them to climb on. It felt a little like the preparation of a warp: getting the structure right before adding the in-between bits.

There is a lot of hope involved in this game. You nurture these little things, watching them grow in the protection of the pot and the window sill and then release them to the mercies of the weather and the slugs.

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