Tuesday, 24 May 2011

the hepworth

Just as I was approaching the new bridge over the river to the Hepworth gallery on Friday night (preview night) there was a heron sitting on one of the bright orange floats that span the river. It was the perfect shot... but by the time I had my camera out he'd just started to fly off. It was nice to see they'd cleared all the river-born rubbish from the boom for the occasion!

This building playing an important role early on in my college work this semester. When I last came here to photograph the outside it was still being fitted out inside. This time it was good to see people inside the gallery spaces through those windows that face across the river.

The place was pretty packed on Friday night so it was difficult to get a sense of the gallery spaces on a normal day but the initial impression was certainly not a disappointment. I'm looking forward to going again when it's a bit quieter and getting to know some of the beautiful work that the place is now home to.

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