Friday, 13 May 2011


I spent last weekend at Stroud International Textiles Festival. It was a weekend so full of inspiring and exciting things that I can't even begin to describe it, I just haven't the time, so a quick round up will have to do.

On Saturday I went on the 'textile trail', visiting the studios of:

weaver, Tim Parry-Williams
textile artist, Matthew Harris (whose wife Cleo Mussi I interviewed for my dissertation about her gardening and her practice - the garden was looking as lovely as I remember)
weaver, Nick Ozanne
textile and collaborative group, Studio Seven
dressmaker and ethical sourcer, Dorothy Reglar
weaver, Sarah Beadsmoore

Each was as interesting as the next, but all in different ways and all so much richer an experience from actually being able to talk to the artist in their own space. As is often the case with these events you feel
you have to cram as much as possible in when actually it might be better to just visit one or two places and really savor them. This would avoid reaching saturation point!

On Sunday I attended the 'Off the Loom' symposium, coordinated by Laura Thomas. Another day full of inspiration from a number of talented and successful makers/designers/artists, all pushing the boundaries of weave in different and interesting ways.

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