Sunday, 19 June 2011

an end and a beginning

It's a very strange feeling coming to the end of something that started five years ago and has dominated so much of my life during that time. Many changes have taken place, affecting so many areas of my life, many positive, but also twists and turns that were so unexpected: it is difficult not to feel a bit melancholy at this time. Of course this is also the beginning of so much and I'm ready for that. It's time to move on, take on new challenges and have new adventures...

The preview went well, there were lots of familiar faces coming to see what new ideas this year's graduates have produced. It was lovely to have the support of good friends on an occasion like this. I'm determined not to fall into the void that so many past students have spoken about when you finish a degree like this: exhaustion, not knowing quite where to turn next... I already have a long list of things to be getting on with but of course it is a little overwhelming and from now on so much has to be driven by the need to have an income. Finding that balance between financial concerns, the demands of family life and satisfying creative needs is always going to be a challenge, but it's one I'm up for! In the mean time I'm going to do my best to enjoy the show being up and the excitement of going to New Designers.

The show at Bradford is open Monday to Thursday this week, 10.30 - 4 each day.

Current listening: Britten's string quartet No. 1

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