Tuesday, 5 July 2011

small fish?

I'm back from a hectic week in London. New Designers was quite an experience and a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions. The hustle and bustle of London was a novelty, the experience intensified somewhat by the heat! Being a commuter for a week and traveling on the tube at rush hour certainly makes me appreciate my usual morning walk to school with the kids.

When I've visited this show in previous years I have been overwhelmed by the amount of amazing work that comes together from the various design courses around the country. How could I ever stand out amongst this lot? This 'small fish' feeling was even more the case as an exhibitor. My work is quiet and subtle and there were times when I felt it got lost in amongst the garish riot of pattern that was in that building. However, as the week went on I did find that my work was appreciated and I had some lovely conversations with people that were supportive and very positive about what I do.

I was interviewed by a couple of different trends organisations. They seemed particularly interested in the sustainability aspect of my work. I sold some cards and lots of people took my business cards and postcards. I made a few interesting contacts. The most exciting thing that happened was finding that I'd been selected for the graduate showcase at the Festival of Quilts in August. This is a really exciting opportunity and I'm so pleased.

The whole affair was exhausting and uplifting in equal measures; there was a stage during each day where I reached saturation point in terms of visual 'stuff' and needed to escape. Emerging from the building one evening to beautiful light on distant buildings was most welcome.

It would have been great to do a few other things in London: sit about in parks, visit some exhibitions, but that wasn't what this week was for. I did find some pretty great food though, including some lovely things from the local shops near where I was staying...


  1. what an amazing and overwhelming week that must have been. the texture in your work is incredible! i think of my work as quiet too and have the same feelings about being 'smaller' especially when surrounded by riots of colour, pattern and general craziness. i hope after all your hard work wonderful things happen for you.

  2. Thank you. It all makes it worth while when you speak to someone who does appreciate your work. Such things can be a bit of a roller-coaster but generally the exhilaration takes over from the low points!