Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I re-visited one of the beaches that was particularly rich in beach-combing material last year. I remember that this one had all sorts of plastic and metal scattered around amongst the pebbles. Someone had collected a lot of it together and it sat in one place: a colourful heap of broken and discarded things and perhaps even more depressing because of being piled up together. I collected a bit more up to add to the pile or to take away and fiddle about with myself: one hand man made...

the other natural.

It gave me something to play with later on.


  1. sad to see the man-made rubbish from the sea but then l do make things from it some good comes out of it..maybe? love your weaving. Wish l could visit the seaside more often..miss it.x lynda

  2. Yes Lynda, it is depressing but to be able to make something new from it is a positive and perhaps that helps raise awareness about the issues. I miss the sea too, having grown up near it. It has been good to be near it a few times this summer.