Friday, 9 September 2011

iron men

I'm reading this to my son at the moment. Last night, as we read about the iron man standing on the edge of the sea, listening, looking, and then finally wading in to the water, deeper and deeper, I couldn't help thinking that he'll get awfully rusty!

...thoughts of rusty stuff by the sea from earlier in the summer and all sort of things I'd like to try using rusty marks...

...thoughts also of these iron men who stand by the sea. I read a children's story about them too yesterday. I have to use my imagination to picture how their surfaces are affected by the place where they stand as I have yet to meet them. I am determined to before too long though.


  1. Just today I harvested another load of small rusty bits from a defunct lumber mill that was completely deconstructed a year or so ago. Nothing remains except the concrete pads and lots of small rusty stuff, much of which I've collected. Oh yeah, and the biggest patch of ripe blackberries I think I've ever seen. A batch of those are in my freezer now awaiting an upcoming dye session.